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Israeli Cancel Culture

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

The deeper our so called "leaders" go, with "corona obsession" , the farther we seem to be pulled away from our Jewish democratic life as we knew it.

Israel was started by a socialist/communist movement, yet Jewish holidays and traditions were the fabric that held us all together.

We followed the Jewish calendar by celebrating, each according to their customs, Jewish holidays. Which always include a mix of prayer, parties, food and stories from our Torah.

These stories of Jews overcoming persecution time and time again throughout history, always with God's help, give us strength and cohesion as a Jewish nation.

Our holidays cross boundaries between religious and secular, Ashkenazi and Mizrachi, and traditional and fervent Jews. We shared a celebration of being free to be Jewish however we see fit because living in Israel has given us the freedom to do so. It is our Jewish homeland, where as all the other nations we've been throughout the years, have refused us the right to be openly Jewish for centuries.

Using the excuse of "corona" , our government has found a way to overreach it's hand and take that privilege away from us once again, this time in our own country. Never once in our 72 year history has Purim been "cancelled". But with the on-going fear mongering of "spreading the disease" Purim is now being "cancelled" for the second time in a row.

I might mention that since Purim last year we've had our right to celebrate our Jewishness taken away at every holiday from Chanukkah to Rosh Hashanna to Simchat Torah to Pesach. Our government was able to put so much fear into Israelis that they willingly gave up their most sacred traditions. Weddings, bar mitzvahs, brit milahs and now holidays have to be conducted either in secret, just like they were back in the dark days of the Inquisition, or with a subdued fog hanging over a small quiet joyless gathering, so as not to arouse the neighbors who willingly tip off the authorities to such wrong doings.

This is the land of Israel and we have cancelled the Jewish connection in one fail swoop. Israelis for the most part have gone along compliantly for this past year, and have avoided crowds (except when shopping).

The government has been able to turn us against each other, muffled our voices of protest, turned our men into boys, our soldiers into impotent guard dogs, taken away our right to bear arms, our freedom of travel, much of our capitalist society, our democratic nature and our right to live joyfully as we see fit.

The Israeli government has officially cancelled our Jewish democratic country and turned us into a socialist, secular, generic nation , no different from all the others.

So they think...

What these "great reset" people seem to think is that you can stomp out the Jewish soul. Leaders throughout history have tried and failed. They have not learned they're lesson.

We will prevail. God is with us and we are home.

We are going through dark days, but we will rise again. And when we do they will tremble and they will be erased. Just as in the time of Esther, those who tried to hang us on the gallows were hung. Those who tried to slay us were slain. those who tried to cancel the Jewish nation, were cancelled.

Wake up. Take back your heritage. Be proud and strong. Do not be silent and do not let anyone cancel our great nation.

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