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Healthy Meal Ideas and Recipes

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

When our house is filled with junk, that's what we tend to eat. So in order to start anew, we've got to clean out our cabinets and the fridge and stock them with only good simple whole foods. I've put together a shopping list to make it easy. With this comes meal ideas and recipies. Once you have the ingredients and you get the hang of it, you can start to create your own recipies.

Breakfast: water with lemon, celery juice, fruit with greens smoothie, fruit salad

Late breakfast:

nutmilk (plain , chai, "coffee" substitute, carob/cacao, date)


raw granola

blender apple sauce

frozen fruit ice cream (banana and berry!)

chia seed/nutmilk tapioca pudding

avocado cacao pudding

sourdough pancakes/muffins/waffles/crepes



Injera (Ethiopian sour flatbread)


flax cracker

nut pates

quinoa/lentil curry


fermented rice/lentil pancakes


nut cheeses




Mexican: beans, guacamole, salsa

Italian:  pizza, raw pastas

Sushi: nori, nut cheese spread, cut vegetables,


lentil/sweet potato burgers

poike stew soups

homemade sourdough bread

sprouted spelt/buckwheat bread

potato/sweet potato bread


dehydrated sweet potato chips

nut milk

hot chocolate/chia

raw cashew cheesecake


dehydrated fruits/veggies/

fruit leather

soaked, dehydrated nuts and seeds

chocolate frosting/fudge chocolate

cake/brownies from beans/zucchini/sweet potato

frozen banana/fruit ice cream/milkshake

pudding chia/avocado

The best sourdough bread :

can be used for Shabbat challa, breadsticks, cinnamon rolls, tortillas, pita, pizza, rolls, muffins, pancakes , crapes, waffles, foccacia, etc!

1/2 kilo rye flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 cup sourdough starter (see below)

water mix until wet consistency cover and put somewhere overnight (winter)

or a few hours (summer)

The next day (winter) or around 3 pm the same day (summer) add another 1/2 kilo spelt flour,

knead until firm but pliable.

Shape and leave on/in pan to rise another few hours until it's risen. Perfect!

Sourdough starter: Flour and water let to sit in a warm place until soured. Teff or rye is the best .( I always have teff starter ready because we use it to make the Ethiopian flatbread.) Once you have the starter, you keep using it one cup added to bread mix (above) for every time you make bread  .

Replenish by adding more flour and more water to your starter until wet consistency (1 cup flour/ 2 cups water) and let it sit out until it has become soured.

The first time you make sourdough starter you need to wait a long time (weeks, depending on the weather) until it is soured.

Stir occasionally until it is bubbly and sour smelling. Once you have the starter, you just replenish by adding to what you have. This time it only takes a few hours to be ready.

Once it's ready, store it in the refridgerator, stirring occasionally so it doesn't turn black on top. If it does, pour off the black water and stir or scrape off the top layer, then stir.

Buckwheat can be used for various recipies.

Use raw green untoasted soaked buckwheat. Sometimes I use it wet after it has been soaked and other times I soak it, sprout it and then dehydrate it until it's crunchy.

Wet buckwheat can be made into pancakes, crapes, waffles, pasta, bread, and "matza balls" Dehydrated buckwheat can be made into "buckwheaties" and used as a breakfast cereal or raw granola , or mixed with tamari and dehydrated to be used as a snack or in salads or  ground into flour

For pancakes, waffles, bread, and crapes it's the same recipe:

soaked buckwheat


water until desired consistency

blend in the blender until pancake batter consistency and pour into pan or waffle iron and cook until ready or spread onto a cookie sheet and bake in the oven until browned  .

For pasta, lasagna or matza balls :

soaked buckwheat

olive oil

salt (can add spices for matza balls such as cumin, paprika ,black pepper, or italian spices for matza balls) Mix with your hands until smooth

For pasta, roll to flatten between two baking sheets, cut to desired size (noodles or lasagna) and drop into boiling water until they float.  

For matza balls, roll balls in your hands and drop into boiling soup until they float.

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