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GF Flours in Israel

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

When i first started searching for gluten free in Israel many years ago, there wasn't much. I remember corn being pretty much the only option and only in health food stores. Since then things have changed. Now I can walk into almost any grocery store and find rice pasta, gluten free flours , breads and crackers. Most of these have nefarious ingredients, so I don't bother buying processed foods, but it's good to know they are at least paying attention to the needs of their customers.

I stock up on gluten free grains and flours so that i can continue to make my own breads, crackers, cakes, cookies, pasta etc. When there aren't flours available, I buy the grains, nuts, seeds or beans and grind them to make my own flours.

There are so many now, it's really quite impressive. My shelves now contain an array of either grains or flours of lentils, chickpeas, tapioca, arrowroot, millet, almonds, oats, teff, potato, quinoa, coconut, beans, buckwheat and rice. ( I don't touch corn flour because of problematic links to GMO and use as a pesticide. ) These together with my sourdough starter make amazing homemade bread products.

With these simple flours I am able to make tortillas, pancakes, pizza bread, crackers, latkes, pasta, muffins, cookies, granola , cereal, pie crust, cake, bread, pudding, brownies and more....

Many GF recipes can be found on , , here in my blog, and on so many other websites on the internet.

Once you have a stock of flours (or grains etc that you can turn into flours), you can create various healing meals for your family. No more guilt, no more worrying about ingredients that promote inflammation, or poor health.

If you haven't seen my gluten free flat bread video, come check it out. Easy to make, tastes amazing, freezes well and super versatile to use in various meals.

Can't wait to hear what you think!



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