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From Israel to Iran in a Few Short Weeks

Israel has always been a center for democracy in the Middle East. We are surrounded by Muslim countries who run their countries as dictatorships. They are warring, impoverished (except for the important noble kings and their chosen few who are filthy rich), and have been stepping on the commoner throughout time.

Israel came along (again) seventy three years ago, brought life and light into the region and made democracy a new catch-word. We voted our politicians into power, had equal rights for all minorities, women and made free speech the law of the land.

We have been a free society for all these years. We wear what we want , work where we choose and enjoy the fruits of our labors.

Then Corona hit and we went from being free to being prisoners in our homes. We were told it's too scary to go outside, we were told to wear masks, gloves and to stay 2 feet apart. This is being enforced by police fining 5000 shekels for anyone not following the orders. School was cancelled, most everyone's work and businesses and beaches and parks became off limits. Sports, holidays, travel, family visits, prayer groups, doctors appointments ....... all of a sudden these leisurely activities (fun, religion, tradition, family) were deemed as non-essentials. happiness was forcibly sucked out of society and instead a new system was set up and set in place indefinitely and without true cause or porportion.

From the beginning it all looked ridiculous to many of us. Things weren't adding up, numbers, symptoms, lockdowns, scare tactics..... It all seemed overblown and out of proportion. We started asking questions and getting no answers from the regular avenues of media. So we kept questioning and never accepting the status quo as it was being forced upon us.

The entire world was forced into house arrest for doing nothing wrong. Hard working people were forced to close up shop, fire existing workers or lose their incomes. Wear destructive garments (masks, gloves), and in the process become inhumanized and fearful of our world and all the people in it. Over night we became helpless victims to this massive tactic to overtake the world.

In the US , and many parts of the rest of the world, people have begun to connect the dots thanks to real journalism and getting the word out there about the corruption and how all the big corporations are linked to eachother and they are planning to bring in a whole New World Order. Protests, blogs, interviews, court cases, indictments, videos, books, petitions and all sorts of action is being taken by people who have caught on to the fishy actions of tech and pharma giants.

But here in Israel, nothing.. Crickets. No articles, no questions, not from the right, not from the left. No one is explaining anything, no one is trying to make any sense . They have gone along with what they were told and now that it's all over, they are just returning to the same old ,same old , never looking back. They are forcing the army, schools , work, public transportation etc to get back into the swing of things (albeit still wearing masks) immediately .

It is for some strange reason very very important for them to jump back in after literally shutting the entire country down without rhyme or reason just a few short weeks ago. We are about to go into summer vacation. School would normally end in a few weeks anyway. What's the big rush? If the 'danger' is still out there (masks) then shouldn't we just wait until summer is over before starting school again? They are forcing the kids to wear the masks even during recess when they are running around and need extra oxygen...

My guess is, that if we are forced into another emergency (getting the economy moving again) we won't have time to ask questions or start looking for answers. We will be too busy trying to make up for lost time that we won't notice what's happened while we were locked up. Just a few weeks ago, the government was handing out money and now loans with little or no interest. They were making all kinds of promises saying that they will help out with government handouts. How long can they keep that up? Where did we get all this money to hand out? How are business owners or employees expected to survive on handouts and closed businesses? We were being touted as a capitalist country before this. We had a thriving economy and now it's become not so important all of a sudden.

We've had polio outbreaks, flu outbreaks, measles outbreaks etc etc, but it was never deemed necessary to close everything down and life outside become seemingly dangerous to everyone. Where is the logic? Where is our leadership?

For some strange reason, (the excuse was 75th anniversary of the Holocaust over 40 world leaders met in Jerusalem at the end of January just as Corona was becoming news . Although we've had many anniversaries of the Holocaust and this has never happened before) Many leaders from all over the world including France, Russia, US, Britain, and Germany. It is almost impossible to find anything about this meeting reported on anywhere on the internet. There was a small mention of it in conjunction with an Israeli who was being kept in a Russian jail. Putin was expected to talk about her release while here. Each leader was given 5 minutes to address the conference about the Holocaust .

What?! They dropped everything in their own governments to fly halfway across the world to meet in Jerusalem for a 5 minute speech on an anniversary that they have never before come together for in the history of our country? What did they talk about the rest of the time? Why was this so important that they had to get it done at that exact time, just before the lockdowns occurred? Why is no one digging into this? Maybe it's just a coincidence.. But with all the other connections being made, shouldn't this be considered? 40+ representatives of state ? That's a lot of countries coming together to coordinate something very important.

We've got worldwide lockdowns, slimy corporations having dealings in world domination, forced vaccinations, 5G technology, phone tracking, chip implants, chem trails, AI technology, civil rights being taken away, constitutional rights being ignored and somehow this is all ok with everyone citizens and governments alike.

I want an explanation. I am digging and asking questions and listening to those who are doing real investigative work. But nothing makes sense until all the pieces come together. I want answers for my children. This is not the world I have in mind for them to grow up in. I want them to be free, to have children and to enjoy God's great world, like i did when I grew up. We need to ask the questions now before we lose the liberty to do so when it's already too late . Our kids will inherit this world or they will be slaves in it. Now is the time to wake up and take back our power. The true meaning of the word democracy.

artwork by Anat Bar-Shalom

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