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Free Clinic

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

I believe that health should be available to everyone, not just the well-off or those well-covered by insurance. I have been running a clinic for the past few years and I noticed that many people don't come , despite their symptoms, because they are unable to include natural healing into their budget. If it's not covered by insurance, it's too expensive, so they don't bother giving it a try.

This saddens me because the system covered by insurance isn't always the best option. Most healing can take place at home without antibiotics or pills. In most cases, nature provides all the support the body needs to heal itself. I feel that we should be able to choose what goes into our bodies, and how we want to go about healing .

I was inspired by 7song and many others who have opened free clinics all over the world. So I thought why not one in sw Israel? This is my way of being bold and taking my beliefs to the next level. This is how we get our power back. We need to be in charge of our bodies, our health, and our freedoms. The more free clinics there are, the less people have to needlessly suffer because of lack of knowledge, lack of funds or lack of access to natural remedies.

Like those before me, I believe in community, activism, freedom, intentional actions and sharing knowledge.

So, I am offering to open my clinic for people and (their animals) who are searching for natural health, but don't know where to start . There are many who don't know how to relieve themselves of their dis-ease by using herbs, altering their diets to include more plants, and letting nature lead. I hope that by coming to the clinic with an open mind , that will all change.

Most of the herbs used are grown on our farm. They are natural, unsprayed herbs that I have been using as herbal medicine for the last 16 years while living on this property. I use these herbal preparations for teas, salves and tinctures. I sterilize and reuse all glass containers.

I hope no one takes this service for granted by not showing up for an appointment on time or by not going through the protocols we set up in the appointment. For the amount of time, energy and dedication I am willing to put into this Free Clinic, I expect the same amount of accountability from those coming to benefit from it.

While this is free service open to the local public, I gladly accept donations from individuals and from related businesses who support open education, freedom to choose and Jewish community activism. Donations cover containers, utilities and other materials used in herbal preparations. If you would like to donate to our cause, please contact Chava at Thanks in advance!!

My Reboot Retreat and Colonic Hydrotherapy will continue to charge per session.

Each person has their own lifestyle, diet, emotional situation, stressors, etc. So the amount of time healing takes , differs from person to person. Herbs are able to aid in faster recovery, but we have to be patient with the process as well as with our bodies.

Through our experimenting and searching for the truth, we gain experience, knowledge and wisdom. This is ours to use forever and to pass on to others in their journey.

Note: I am not a doctor, I am not dispensing medical advice, and I am not diagnosing or treating any medical conditions. I am providing information and education from the perspective of traditional herbalism. The herbal preparations I provide are to be considered samples to aid in your personal investigation into the effects of herbs in your own body. Please be advised that you take them under your own responsiblity .

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