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Face Diapers: The Ultimate Breathing Apparatus

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Imagine if you will, securing a baby's soiled diaper on to your face to cover your mouth and nose. We were given one area , two holes for breathing, one hole for speaking . We were also given four main systems of naturally riding our bodies of our own waste.: sweating, pooping, peeing and breathing. Yes, breathing!

Breathing is the non stop exchanging of fresh air for waste air. Our lungs take in fresh oxygen and deliver it to the blood which brings it to cells and tissues, then the old air, now carbon dioxide containing air that has been used throughout the body bringing with it waste matter that our body has purged itself of.

We draw in oxygen through our nose and mouth to fill our lungs , which then is carried in our blood to our organs , including the brain, to our tissues, cells and on down to the smallest mitochondria which are our energy producers. Our nose and mouth were designed with ultimate perfection to bring in as much oxygen as is needed by our body. Less than that leads to dis-homeostasis.

When that happens and because our bodies systems are not getting the oxygen they need, we become acidic. The approximate ph for the body to function properly is 7.40 "The human body is built to naturally maintain a healthy balance of acidity and alkalinity. The lungs and kidneys play a key role in this process. A normal blood pH level is 7.40 on a scale of 0 to 14, where 0 is the most acidic and 14 is the most basic. This value can vary slightly in either direction." (

This means that the unbalance can become the perfect environment for disease. Cancer ,, staph, rotting teeth, bacterial and viral infections in the moth, organs and blood. All pathogens including viruses and bacteria thrive in an acidic state. Health and vibrancy do not. If our body cannot maintain a state of homeostasis , we begin a slow decline into disease and eventually death. Oxygen is a purifier. It cleanses blood and tissue of toxins and pathogens. Oxygen has been used in therapies to treat many diseases such as cancer and autism etc.

Our organs are invisible to us. We only feel the effects of poor health when they are infected. But our largest organ, the skin, is easy to see. Have you ever noticed the difference between the look of a healthy person's skin and a sick person's skin? Sick skin is parlour, it has an unhealthy color and texture, thin and patchy, sometimes inflammed or discolored, doesn't hold itself and it is saggy. This is due to lack of oxygen and a poor, acidic and/or toxic state.

Healthy skin is vibrant full of color and firm, pliant, and glowing. This is skin with oxygen and in homeostatsis. It is alive and functioning free of disease.

The way our skin is reacting to it's environment (both inside and out) can be used as an indication of what's going on in our other organs. Besides the fact that these masks have never been proven to prevent the spread of viruses, (actually it is printed right on the box of masks claiming that they do not prevent infectious diseases or viruses.)

So why are we wearing them?

Is this what we want Is this what we want for our children?

As we breathe out our old "trash" is sent out of the body to be taken in and neutralized in the atmosphere. If our breath is not allowed to leave our mouth and nose, but it is forced instead to stay and be breathed again and again, we are putting ourselves in a constant state of stress because of both the toxins and the lack of oxygen. Our waste is being sprayed onto the inside of the mask and being reabsorbed into our mouth, throat and lungs and into the blood stream .

The mask is plastic chemicals fit snuggly across our face . This plastic most likely was make in an unsanitary factory somewhere in China or another third world country. Each mask has been sprayed with either PTFE (polytetraflouroethylened), a synthetic flouride, as well as with other cancer causing poisons , such as asbestos, phthalates, which cause penis shrinkage and infertility. We are forced to breath all of this in with every breath because of this enclosed area we have created by the mask. The plastic, as well as the chemicals ,cause irritation to the skin which causes inflammation, rashes and other infections.

Oh, and one more thing: nanotechnology.. People have filmed over and over again visible evidence of little moving worm-like particles inside the masks (and on the PCR tests). Why would this technology exist on anything that is being used to cover our mouth and nose ? On children's mouths and noses?

Exercise has always been deemed very important as part of a health lifestyle. Doctors have told their patients to get exercise because it has been proven both in science and in everyday lives of people that when you exercise , you bring in large amounts of oxygen into your body. You move, which forces toxins out of muscles and out of the fat cells , into the lymph system and out of the body.

However for some reason all of this has been forgotten or ignored by medical professionals. Instead they are demanding that everyone wear a mask which greatly reduces oxygen levels in the body. Now the favored way to stop a "virus" is to muzzle the nose and mouth, stay in doors and stop living.

Some cruel forms of murder include drowning, strangulation by putting a pilow over the face of the victim , and the noose which cuts off breathing by closing the air tube in the throat. These were some of the worst forms of torture used to harm or kill people because oxygen is slowly deprived until all systems choke and fail, leading to death. Masks are another form of slow strangulation.

Children and pregnant mothers breath faster than other adults. The mother needs extra oxygen for herself and her fetus' development. Pregnant women already feel short of breath most of the time both because of the extra requirement needed and because the growing baby is pushing on her diaphragm and making the mother feel that she can't get good deep breaths in. Let's add a mask over her face and see how she and the baby suffer. What a concept! I cannot imagine the brain damage that will occur in all of these children later down the line from lack of oxygen and toxic CO2 while their mother was pregnant with them and wearing a mask.

Why are we doing this to ourselves? Why are we doing this to our children?

Do you remember those ads all over the radio reminding people not to leave your kids the car on a hot summer day? This is because so many parents and school bus drivers would, on purpose or by accident, leave the children in the vehicle and the kids died. From what? CO2 poisoning and lack of oxygen. Putting masks on their faces is like locking them in the car and opening the window a crack thinking that's going to be enough.

They are no longer running those ads just in case parents start putting two and two together and asking questions.

We've now got a plastic (or cloth) covering, or diaper, treated with dangerous chemicals , catching our waste, depriving us of oxygen, reabsorbing CO2, leading us into an acidic, diseased toxified, inflamed , stressed state, void of health. How is this supposed to make us invincible to a virus?

In fact, those who do wear the mask are at least 70% more likely to get sick. Masks have never been proven to stop viruses. It is not printed on the box that they prevent "covid-19" or any other virus, because they don't. Also these soiled diapers worn on our faces are causing irreversible brain damage from all of the above reasons. Let that sink in.

Check the studies, people. It's all out there. I am not making these things up. We've thrown out common sense and replaced it with a mask religion that doesn't add up to anything but harm to whoever wears the diaper. When this is all over, i hope the decision makers, mandate enforcers, including doctors and other health professionals are held accountable for the crimes they are committing.

Before 2020 the only people wearing masks were: criminals, cult members, clowns and surgeons performing surgery. Are we in any of those groups of people? I'm not. Healthy people do not wear coverings on their mouth and nose.

I hope that people wake up, take off the mask and refuse to let their children wear them ever again. Until then , please pass this information on to those you love so we can stop the insanity now .

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