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Confessions of a Science Geek

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

I'm going to make a disclaimer here before I get started. I am not a Phd. I am not a doctor. I do not have any letters before my name. For me experience , research and following truth are just as important as all that.

The other day, I found a bag containing my 5th grade memories. Our teacher was strict and he pushed us to push ourselves. He was a long distance runner, so we became long distance runners. we ran laps at school everyday, and on weekends, we ran in local races.

He had us logging laps, miles ran, races, times and placing. Then we had to add it all up by day, week, month and at the end of the year, making a graph for our progress each week. I still have it all saved, including my race numbers, the graphs and the calendars he gave us to map out our progress. It was a lot of work, and it meant a lot to me, so I saved it.

Every morning we entered the class room to classical music playing. We would take our journals out and began to write. He gave us 10-15 minutes to write in our journals about anything we wanted to write about, but we had to write. I still have the journal.

In that bag, I also found a report I did that year on "the History of Math and Medicine", complete with sources, dates and Greek names of the scientists involved. I still have the report along with the corrections from the teacher.

That year had the most impact on me as a child. Our teacher introduced us to "health food" and encouraged and inspired us to start eating with consciousness. We pushed ourselves physically and mentally and now that I am, among other things, a writer, a researcher, a creative, a natural health advocate for people and animals, a truth seeker, a teacher, bio-dynamic farmer and a homeschooling mom, I realize most or all of that began in that class.

Since then, I received my degree in psychology with a minor in sociology. I was accepted into a university veterinarian program, but I gave it up to move to Israel. Every choice I've made from homebirth, to homeschool, to raising my kids naturally, to running a bio-dynamic farm and folk school is based on months of research, reading, interviewing and listening to experts. In the end, I use this information and follow my intuition to find my truth and I act on that.

I have always used this method to find creative solutions to various questions or problems that needed to be solved in any of the above areas. This comes from years of practice and research. I learned how to push myself, to not be afraid of hard work or problems that arise. I have always found an answer using my intuition and common sense, learning and experience.

As soon as "corona" reared it's head, I got busy. Reading, researching, interviewing, listening to doctors, scientists, and other researchers like myself. I have enough knowledge , a research and science background to recognize science when I see it. But there is not enough science behind the entire "corona narrative". The "virus", PCR test, masks, experimental genetic modification (vaccine), lockdowns, empty hospitals, etc etc are not adding up.

Science always begins with a question, then the scientists set about to search for the answer. Since the beginning of this "pandemic" the same questions remain, yet not one of our policy makers has set out to find the answers. They've only set out to destroy society without rhyme or reason, changing their tune every week or so.

Questions such as:

  1. Where is the proof that this "virus" exists?

  2. How did it originate?

  3. How is it affecting people differently?

  4. Where is the science for the mask wearing?

  5. Where is the science that proves that lockdowns work?

  6. Where is the science that PCR tests prove any diagnosis of disease?

  7. Where are the animal studies and the long term studies for the new experimental genetic modification ?

  8. How do we know it's not something else causing sickness?

  9. Why hasn't any health official mentioned nutrition, vitamins and for people to stop smoking?

  10. Is there a connection to 5g? Why isn't anyone looking into this?

and on and on..... If we dare verbalize our inquiries to the public, we are met with "you are a conspiracy theorist" and a "denier" . We are censored, shamed, labeled and threatened to keep quiet , and that is the end of our questioning.

This is not science, folks.

Science is a never ending search for truth. It is based on facts, peer review, debate and constant questioning. What we've been given is ultimatums, mandates, threats and overreach by our government and anyone in a position of power.

This is not science by any means, this is tyranny. It is loss of allowance for the public to take their health into their own hands, to ask questions, to protect their bodily integrity and God given freedoms, as well as that of their children.

We are citizens. We have rights. We demand laws based on proof of science rather than the fluctuating moods of politicians at any given moment. We are now living in a time, once again similar to those of Galileo Galilei, the scientist who questioned the narrative and was shamed, persecuted and ultimately jailed for it. The leaders of the Inquisition never apologized during Galileo's lifetime for wrongly convicting him of the crime of telling the truth based on research. And here we are again, 400 years later, facing the same conviction for questioning the narrative.

Science was meant to be put on trial. We are meant to question, push the boundaries of knowledge and find the truths of our world. This is what true science is and this is what leads to progress. Are we meant to move forward along the continuum to another Age of Enlightenment ? Or are we meant to stay in the Dark Ages?

I have followed science all my life, I continue until this day. I believe most of us have, it helps us to make sense of our world. Let us continue to question and pursue truth. Stand up to tyranny and idiocracy. Let the potential of humanity shine.

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