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Coaching and Colonics: Let This be Your Turning Point 

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

My name is Chava . I am a mother of 6 boys and I am a certified colonic hydrotherapist and a health coach. After my second son was born with many health problems I decided to make many changes in the family's diet and saw the amazing effect it had on everyone. I wrote the book, "Mother's Pearls: The Revival of Parenthood" to teach people what I learned from the experience.  Among the many teachers I have learned with many teachers along the way . I also have twenty plus years experience learning , living and raising my children in the healthy living lifestyle. I also have a BA in Psychology and I served in Peace Corps Sri Lanka.

Being a native English speaker living in Israel, I love to learn and play with Hebrew words. Naor is my one of my favorite such words. It's a short little word that packs a punch,  and it's a fun one to dissect. "Na" in Hebrew means "raw" as in raw foods. The best kind. But raw can also mean the bare bones, true, simple, pure . "Or" means "light". It's being able to see things for what they really are. "Naor" means enlightenment , illumination, godliness, insight.  For me , this word says it all. It's inspiration, it's what we're all looking for.  It's holiness and wholeness. It's being one with ourselves and the universe. It's the ultimate health: physical, spiritual, and mental.

When I think of healing, I think of the body as one organism. Everything is interconnected. We may have symptoms in a specific area, but it is coming from a deeper place. If we work on the body as a whole, we can get to the root of the problem, by bringing the entire body into balance.

I live on a biodynamic farm in the southwestern Negev desert in Israel.  Our farm is a place of healing, peace and growth. We have orchards, livestock and gardens to grow our food and provide us with many projects.  When I'm not busy hanging out with my kids, I am tending to the farm and guiding people in improving their diets and lifestyles. For me it all ties together: family , farm and health. I use my farm to help people as well as to keep my own family healthy. We grow many fruits, vegetables and herbs on our property: Food as medicine. I have 25 years experience of farming and healthy living ,raising my kids and practicing what I believe in. I have always been a teacher: aerobics, gymnastics and dance instructor, health coach and homeschooling mom to my 6 boys.  I have helped people lose weight, gain confidence, learn healthy habits, and reverse disease. My life experience , enthusiasm and desire to help led me to  my passion to work with people to uncover their true potential.

I decided to become a colonic hydrotherapist after having a colonic myself. I felt amazing and I saw the effects it had on other people. Skin disorders clear up, gas and bloating go away and so much more.  Healing, clarity of mind and spirit begin.

Everything is connected to the intestines. It can be said that all our problems begin with an unhealthy colon. Everyone wants to be healthy, and it's hard in this  toxic world, but if we are mindful of eliminating toxins from our body through healthy eating, occasional fasting, excercise, drinking enough good water and creating a clean environment around us as much as possible, then being healthy and feeling good will come easy.  Colonics are an important addition to this lifestyle.

Most people tend to be dehydrated. That means we just aren't getting enough hydration throughout the day.  The water we drink begins in our mouth and is given to the body along the way and by the time it arrives in the large colon at the end of the line, there isn't enough left. So elimination becomes sluggish which results in constipation and a plaque begins to  build up on the walls of the intestine. This then leads to bad digestion and poor absorption and it just gets worse from there. A colonic puts water directly into the colon first and helps to wash away the  build up and assists the sluggish colon to return to it's former healthy self.

Also, if the foods we eat are not mostly fresh unprocessed foods,  they will reek havok on our digestive system and begin to accumulate rather than be eliminated causing the above intestinal problems. When we begin with water in the colon we help to wash out this build up of trash sitting inside our intestines causing gas , bloating and discomfort. Once we assist the colon to work properly, it will begin to do the rest on it's own. During a colonic session, you will receive professional care and attention. I meet with clients in my clinic to discuss nutrition and meal planning, as well as what to expect and how to take care of yourself after having a colonic.

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