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Corona and the Jewish Connection

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Has anyone else taken notice to the happenings in the world right now, their timing with Jewish holidays and the herbs and villains that are re-playing their parts?

Corona quietly started around Chanukka. No one was really paying attention and the media didn't pick up on and create the hysteria back then, but the first reports of the virus began around our holiday of miracles. It was a time when Jews were being punished for being Jewish and things were looking very bleak. Then a small band of citizens banded together to defeat the Roman army. This is exactly what we're seeing now. We've stopped trusting governments, corporations and individuals with too much power and money on their hands. It's the people's turn to make things right. To take back our freedom, our rights and our health, from the ground up.

Then this whole thing blew up right around Purim. This is our holiday with costumes, sweets, parties and prayer . The story is of an evil man bent on destroying the Jews, but when Queen Esther hears of this, she is instructed to fast and pray. In the end his identity and his evil plan are revealed to the King and the plans are reversed and the Jews defeated their enemies. It is about revelations, removing masks, true identities, and ultimately freedom from destruction.

Then, one month later, we move on to Pesach (Passover) where the Jews were slaves to the evil Pharaoh, they were beaten, abused and made to live in unbearable conditions. Moses (Moshe) was raised as a king's son until he heard his brothers' cries . He enlisted the help of his brother Aaron to speak to the Jews and then to convince Pharaoh to let his people go. He refused again and again while God released 10 plagues on Egypt . Finally he relented , the Jews followed Moshe into freedom, Pharaoh changed his mind again and was finally destroyed all together in the splitting of the Red Sea. The Jews went out into the wilderness, received the Torah and ultimately the promised land.

A week later, we are celebrating The Holocaust Remembrance Day here in Israel. Once again we remember the tyrant Hitler who did his part in destroying the Jews. Once again, God worked his miracles, we came out of the ashes to build Israel and rebuild the Jewish nation all over the world.

Next week we celebrate both the Fallen Soldiers Remembrance Day and Israel's Independence Day. Which brings all of this history full circle and to the present day.

In a few weeks, we will celebrate Shavuot when the Jews received the Torah at Mt. Sinai (following Pesach and our travels through the desert) . This is also when the Jews in Israel brought their harvest offerings to the Temple .

This craziness of COVID-19 also has it's heros and villains as does every coinciding Jewish holiday. The way I see these holidays is as a representation of what the entire world is experiencing as a whole right now.

The evil Haman is always incensed at the Jews, their religion and their customs that make them different than the rest of the Persian Empire. This represents the extreme Left. They want everyone to lose their indentities and become part of a neutral society where there is no Jew, no Christian , no religion at all, no separate sexes, no individualism . Their plan is to vaccinate every last one of us, injecting us with poisons, cancer causing DNA, immunosuppressants to make us ill or zombies and having no liability for it. All the while tightening our freedoms until they disappear altogether and we become just sheep following orders. They tend to enlist the media, greedy corporations and government offices to carry out their plans no matter the injuries along the way.

But now that the masks have been lifted and most of us see the powers-that-be for what they truly are, we are armed with knowledge and consensus about redesigning our destinies. We have been praying, meditating, posting, researching and asking God to step in and turn things around.

Environmental Attorney Robert Kennedy Jr has been instrumental in defending children's rights (and therefore humanity's) against vaccine damage, 5G control and pollution bylaws . Just like Moses, he has a speech ipediment, was raised in a house of lords, heard the cry of his people, stepped out of the shelter he was born into and went out against the big telecom and pharma giants , risking his life and his livelihood in doing so. He enlisted the help of his brother in arms, investigative journalist ,Del Bigtree (Aaron from the Passover story), to take a stand for freedom of speech and freedom of health. There are many other freedom fighters out there who have stepped out to join the resistance against tyranny. Together they are bringing to light the evil plans of Bill Gates, the Clintons, Mr and Mrs Facebook , Dr. Fauci , big pharma, big telecom, and the many other would-be profiteers in this evil take over of the world.

These evil players are the Pharaohs, the Hitlers, the Hamans, the Amalikites, the Romans, the Iyatolas, and all the others throughout history who have attempted to play God at one time or another, bent on destroying freedom and democracy.

Humanity has been forced to take a stand many many times over the course of history to defend people's rights. This Coronavirus (controlavirus) is just another time for us to pull together, take inventory as to what's most important to us, and defend the world from evil plots to derail decency . We all have roles to play, some have been given leadership roles, some investigative roles, for others it's the evil dictator. To some it's the role of choosing which side they want to belong to, for others it's just to be complacent and see how it all unfolds. There are many who have taken the role of giving inspiration, holding up morale or giving us hope at the end of each day.

Either way, I it seems that it's no coincidence the timing of the "plandemic" of the COVID-19, the 5G and all of the stuff going on all over the world. These other stories were precursors and kind of guide books to these future events. We are all living out another shift in world evolution. it's always been about politics, power, good vs evil, light vs dark, freedom vs tyranny, dictators vs the will of the people , and secularism vs religion .

This will most likely be written down, added to the great stories of the past and told to many generations after ours. How we came together , not as one nation, but as all the nations of the world to overthrow tyranny and bring the truth to light.

Just like our Jewish calendar, going though it's symbolism with each holiday representing another controlavirus scam, we will come through with revelations, hidden meanings, and ultimately freedom and light. Following our connection so far, my guess is that there will be big revelation around Shavuot. That's when God gave us the Torah, when we officially accepted his laws and Him as our one true God. This is our revelation time. This is when the light will shine through and we will see the world in another light.

Together , with God's help, we will prevail over our oppressors, the creators of COVID-19, 5G, vaccines, id chips, GMOs, chem trails and other scandalous plans and move on to a better life with more love and appreciation for our freedom, sunshine, laughter , family, health, nature and whatever is truly important to each of us.

Stay tuned!!

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