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What is Gaza, Really?

I'm going to ask a question that no one wants to ask (OK, many), because no one wants to answer. What is Gaza exactly? Is it a city? Is it a country? Is it a state within a state, like the Vatican? If it is a country what is it called? Gaza? Palestine? If it is "Palestine", why is there a "Palestine" over on the West side of Israel and another on the East coast? How can they be a country if they are in two different places with two different governments? Why do the people who live in Gaza call themselves "Palestinians" and not "Gazans"? Why do all the Arabs within Israel call themselves "Palestinians" but they don't go to live in "Palestine"? Isn't that what they have wanted all along? A country to call their own? Where are the borders of this "Palestine"? How can a country exist separated one side from the other by an "enemy" state they fail to recognize as a neighbor? One side can never visit the other (unless they dig more tunnels), that includes it's leaders.( how can they represent a people they've never visited?) . Israel has terrorism coming from both sides. Why is it that the UN thinks this is a viable solution? "Palestinians" (East and West) chose terrorists as leaders. If terrorists are their only option why doesn't the UN or some other governing body step up to help them out? These people, or someone for them, needed to decide which is their country. The one in the East or the one in the West? Then all the "Palestinians" inside of Israel needed to go their beloved country and live there. Why hasn't this been solved ? They've had 66 years and counting to figure it out. Instead they've wasted all this time and their international aid coming up with more and more terror. Meanwhile not one politician has bothered asking this question and therefore having to come up with an answer. Since 1948 leaders worldwide continue to turn a blind eye and they seem to keep saying to themselves "we'll deal with that later". I'm no politician, but I think it's high time to address this burning question: Where is "Palestine", how is Gaza connected and why aren't the "Palestinians" worldwide running there to fulfill their dream?

When the US was being formed (and many other countries as well) Native Americans were moved onto reservations, Mexico was pushed down, wars were fought, lines were drawn and borders were made. Did these people try to erase history, wage endless wars and demand financial compensation to continue on and on and on and on (professional refugees).... Or did they just accept the way things were and try to make a better life for their children?

Ironically. the people in the US and elsewhere who support "Palestinian" terror in Israel are giving legitimacy and strength to others to do it as well. Expect the unexpected when terrorism becomes the new accepted form of diplomacy.

Gaza needs to go. The idea of a "Palestinian" country based on terror needs to go. "Palestine" was a failure from the beginning. It was built on lies and false promises. The "Palestinian" people have proved over and over again that they are unable to create a country. They have turned every piece of land they occupy into a playground for bullies. Whoever is the toughest, gets to push everyone else around. They continue to call themselves "refugees" although it's been 66 years since Israel became a country, and there was never a place called Palestine from which they were "booted". The "refugees" originally came from Jordan and Egypt, now they can return. Egypt needs to take in Gaza, Jordan needs to take in the "West Bank Palestinians" .They don't need to be removed from their land (just shuffled around a bit). Each area and it's "Palestinian" people would become a city within it's new country. Each person becomes a member of a society , each is held responsible for and to their new country of citizenship, These people could then raise their children in peace as Arabs with a shared history, culture and brotherhood . Israel would have clear borders they could defend without anymore "gray" areas. Only in this way could Israel and the Middle East move forward.

Involve the Arab nations in the area (there are kind of a lot) . Leave Israel out of it. They never liked us anyway and we've got our own country to run.

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