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We seem to be living in times where reality overlaps unrealistic. Now watching James Bond or something similar seems less exciting than our own lives. Not to mention all the "reality" shows on TV that are anything but, life itself seems hard to believe sometimes. I do wish for normal again.

Here in Israel we are fighting off terrorism for the world and ourselves, yet we are blamed for all that they do.

The UN called for a humanitarian ceasefire and Israel ceased, Hamas didn't. Someone forgot to explain what humanitarian means to the terrorists whose ultimate goal is to wipe out humanity. Yet we are blamed. The Red Cross then asked for another 3 hour ceasefire. We accepted but Hamas continued to launch missiles. Yet we are blamed. The army found a massive cache of weapons under a UN charter school (which Israel had been warning of for years). The pictures that were taken are being held by the UN and are being withheld from public viewing. The entire deal is being kept under wraps by them. The weapons were even handed back over to Hamas. Why? What is it they don't want the world to know? That we were right? Yet we are blamed.

We continue to treat Palestinians even Hamas terrorists at our hospitals. The IDF even opened a field hospital to treat them in Gaza. Yet we are blamed. The missiles were launched into our fields and houses at least 2 weeks before Israel ever bothered to retaliate. Only when we did, we were blamed for starting a war . Not to mention the intifada that flared up inside Israel by the Israeli Arabs, throwing rocks, burning, stabbing, kidnapping and murder. All this before Israel ever lifted a finger to defend ourselves. Yet we are blamed.

All over the world there are protests agains Israel. I guess no one thinks it's wrong to live with terrorsts controlling their every move. Dictating how their children grow up (or don't). Running from missiles that smash into houses or bodies. All day and all night, all the time. Tunneling under borders to kidnapp and murder . They bring with them into their tunnels bombs, handcuffs, tranquilizers, guns and amunittion. Probably they were just looking for a play date since 5 of these tunnels so far were into kindergartens. Or maybe they were just looking to get away from the beach for awhile since they have ocean front properties on the Mediterranean Sea.

Hamas uses all the interantional money that is given to the Palestinians for food and necessities to build tunnels. They cut down electricity poles we built for them.Why don't the PA people just work like everyone in the rest of the world? When you're busy working, you don't spend your time making missiles and thinking of ways to kill other people. Instead we are blamed . For what? No one even knows. Anti-semitism is the only explantion.

Jews are hiding behind fences, walls, security cameras, security cameras protecting the security cameras, rock proof car windows and buses, iron domes, "safe rooms", fortified buildings, houses, and schools, guns, dogs, more fences , security guards, etc. We have all of this and more calling ourselves free. The Arabs don't have any of this because they are truely free. They know the Jews don't look for trouble. But we couldn't survive without protecting ourselves from the messes they make. Our roads are closed many times and we are told to stay inside our houses and lock all our doors and turn out our lights for hours at a time because some Arabs decided to infiltrate with murder on their minds . When they riot near Jewish religious sites , they are not sent away, instead the sites are closed to Jews. Yet we are blamed. This is a topsy-turvy world we're living in. Nothing makes sense.

Our radio station continues playing music and taking requests (albeit from soldiers), interrupting songs, news reports and advertisements with reports of alarms in different areas of the country telling of incoming missiles. Yet the music goes on as if everything is under control.

We sit outside in the afternoon catching a bit of fresh air before heading in again for the night. The kids jump on the trampoline or kick the ball around while huge booms that shake the ground and helicopters fill our sky all around us. The kids have beome so accustomed to the loud noises they are able to play and sleep through it all. Yet this is not a normal childhood. This is trying to survive until they grow up, not the same thing.

I will hand it them them though, Hamas gets the Cockroach prize of the year. We've never seen tunneling like this before, just like cockroaches in the sewage. I guess they feel more comfordable down there among the shit.

So I would really appreciate a return to normality in the sense that everyone understands. You know, the one where Harry Potter's non-fictional world of fighting against Voldomort and the Death Eaters is actually more terrifying that real life.

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