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The Ultimate Superheros

Our real heros are our soldiers. Here in Israel military service is mandatory, although most everyone realizes that without the army, we wouldn't be here. So it's sort of a mandatory/volunteer service. Most think of it as an honor to serve our country. Many unfortunatly have given their lives to protect other's. These guys and girls are just kids. Their my children, my neighbor's, a brother, father, uncle, sister... Our husbands continue to volunteer in the reserves leaving their wives home with children and /or pregnant.

What other choice do we have? With each new generation parents tell their kids that , god willing, their children won't have to go, but that hasn't happened yet. Our enemies are numerous and they are always re-inventing themselves .

On the first day of driving Hamas out of their bunkers our day has already become quieter from a lot less missiles being fired. Thank you IDF!

We pray for the safety of our soldiers. While our leaders fumble about, our boys and girls are out there bravely facing deadly enemies who are sworn to the desruction of Israel. Every one of our soldiers is precious. May god protect each and every one and bring them home safely .

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