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Hanin Zoabi wrote Israel in quotes. She gets paid to be in the government of Israel yet she doesn't recognize it's worth. Same goes for Achmed Tibi. These are Arabs in the Knesset of Israel . They refer to themselves as Palestinians. They support Hamas and any effort to destroy Israel. Who made ministers above the law? Why aren't they sent to jail? Why do my taxes go to pay their salary? This leadership is dragging us down on all fronts : politically, militarily and spiritually. I am so tired at the end of the day trying to explain to my kids why we don't bring down Hamas, get rid of all Arabs in Israel who go against the very idea that Israel exists. I feel so helpless watching them destroy our beloved country while our leaders do nothing. They have become more pro-palestine than pro-Israel. How does that help? My husband says only god can help us, but he's choosing not to. When will we get leaders who are willing to destroy our enemies and protect Israel?

All day long we have missiles slamming into Israel while we run to our "safe rooms". We don't go out to relax in the sun, we can't exercise, we no longer lead normal lives . Meals are hurried affairs so that we can finish before the booms start. Everything we do now became a run-for-your-life event. Including showers and being on the toilet. It has happened many times in the middle of these that we have had to be dragged off or out of in order to make it in 15 seconds to the safe room.

All night long we are up listening to the booms all around us, unable to sleep. There have also been many attmpts at infiltrations. We have to go into lockdown mode before entering the "safe room" at night. We rush dinner, have the kids run to get ready for bed, lock all doors and windows so we can hopefully keep out terrorists who are looking to wipe out an entire family. My husband and many others in the area are purchasing guns in case the terrorists do get in. They keep trying with their tunnels, they have managed a few times, and eventually (since the government isn't doing anything to prevent this disaster) they will succeed . So we need to be ready.

Is this life? My children's talk all day is booming, guns, killing the bad guys and running for cover games. How can they grow up without serious traumas? But I'm helpless to stop it. Our leaders don't seem to see these things as challenges. But as a mother and a human being I don't see a bright future if things don't change for the better. Quickly and for good.

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