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Rantings of a confused citizen

I'm not sure where I live anymore. The Arabs are attacking the Jews. The Jewish government is practically ignoring the murders, attacks, kidnappings, bombs, missiles, robberies, stone throwing etc etc. Who are they supposed to be protecting? Them or us? The kids are on summer vacation, but we can't do almost anything outside because of missiles smashing into anything and everything without warnin...g all day and all night? We've got all 5 children sleeping at night in the "safe room" , but there's no room for me and my husband and the baby so we lay awake all night in our room listening to the booming all around us, knowing that one of them will eventually land on the house or a neighbor's. This has been going on for 2 weeks already.(Not to mention the "quiet times" in between intifadas when they lob one over every once in awhile just so we don't forget that they are there).The Arabs inside of Israel (they still call themselves "Palestinians" even though they hold Israeli citizenship and have the same rights as anyone else.) Aren't they supposed to pledge allegiance to the country they choose to live in? If not why are they here? Because they plan on ripping the country apart from within while their brothers tear it apart from the outside . I don't know all the secret backroom talks but it seems to me there is more to this story than we know. We have an army we have firepower. We have technology. We have the buttons to disconnect their water and electricity. They are thugs. They've got nothing on us . Yet we never end this thing . It's a continuous war without any hope of an ending in sight. Why? Would any other country in the whole entire world allow this terror to continue? Small children are traumatized for life from the endless bombings in the South.. Yet we don't do anything. We send in countless trucks filled to the brim with bags of cement knowing full well they use it to build tunnels into Israel for bringing in terrorists and weapons to kill us. Yet the trucks keep coming. So does the water and electricity. We don't need one retaliation in terms of firepower. Turn off the essentials, they will stop the bombings. How hard could it be to move the terrorist hot tub out of Gaza? Easy, but it seems that our government isn't willing to make the move. Just let them continue on slow burner for awhile until things boil over every once in awhile . My guess is that as much as we know the "Palestinians" like the money they get from all over the world to continue their fight, I think the Israeli politicians are thinking the same thing. The US gives us money for our army. If we just turn off electricity and water, we don't need much firepower for that. We have to show that we are using it and are in need of it. We do need it perhaps to use it to defend our borders. But will someone please tell me where are distinct borders that we are supposed to be defending? When I think about it, I'm not so sure, which means we haven't even defined them to ourselves and therefore to the world . To the west we've got Gaza which for some reason is supposed to be ours although "Palestinians" claim it to be theirs.. To the North, we've got the Golan which we claim to be ours but Syria claims it to be theirs. In the East we've got the "West Bank" which seems to be ours but it is once again claimed by the "Palestinians". In the South, we've got the Bedouin who claim to be "Palestinians" and that it is all their land stolen from them. The "Palestinians" (Israeli Arabs) claim Jerusalem to be theirs and we keep giving over to all these claims,.but there is no Palestine. It's all Israel .Voted on by the UN back in 1948. So we've given up border after border to appease the Arab terrorists which only makes them hungry for more. If we don't have clear borders how can we know what we're defending and when the terrorism has "crossed the line"? So far our only retaliation comes when the missiles fall on Tel Aviv. So that's all that's left of Israel proper? Jews are being arrested for protecting themselves from armed Arabs, who are becoming increasingly confident in their terrorist acts all over Israel. When thugs are allowed free reign to do as they wish they take it. These thugs are now calling the shots. They decide when we sleep, when we play, when we work. We are supposed to beg for a ceasefire? They decide this too , temporary as it may be. After Nazi Germany we vowed "never again". But here it is. These are the warnings and no one, not even our own Israeli government, is doing anything about it. They think they are safe with they're penthouses in Tel Aviv? The Israeli media doesn't report the uprising throughout Israel unless there is a casualty. So it makes it look like things are quiet and there's nothing to worry about. There are so many cover ups and lies told by our own officials about what is really happening here. I for one am not fooled. If this whole unending war is just a game and we are all pawns, then god help us. I love this country but we've got to get our act together and decide who is the enemy, where are our un-negotiable borders, and what the government is willing to do to protect our citizens This is our Jewish home and we need to feel safe here. We've got no where else to run.

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