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Updated: Jan 24, 2021

These tunnels Hamas digs are unbelievable. What's more unbelievable is that we don't use them to our advantage. There are hundreds of these tunnels they dig (using cement we sold and delivered to them) They are 30 meters deep and at least 300 meters long. They start under some house or building and end up in Israel usually near a kibbutz or army base. Once we find them (usually after an infiltration of terrorists using them to kidnap or kill Israelis), we blow them up? why? What a waste of an opportunity. These things are wall to wall cement with electricity, bunkers , supplies,and even housing of Hamas cowards/terrorists. They hide down inside while telling their people to stand on top of buildings to be human shields against Israel's retaliations. We should use these tunnels to further explode under Gaza until they reach the sea. That way the water will rush in and literally wash Gaza away. ! We could use them to get in and out of Gaza, bring down this underground city while bringing down the one on top.

or fill them with smoke or gas or even fire! What is holding us back?

Today Hamas told 4 children to play near the entrance of a bunker near the beach. Israel blew it up. The kids got scared and ran for the beach. Israel got the information that the 4 moving objects running from the bunker were Hamas and blew them up. The reports on Sky news and others were that 4 cousins (translation: 4 brothers from the same father different mothers) were playing soccer on the beach and Israel blew them up. Yah right. They didn't notice there was a war waging over their heads for the past 2 weeks so they decided to go play soccer on the beach? And where were there parents during this innocent game of soccer? Didn't they know there was a war going on? Why weren't they there to tell them or to protect them from possible harm. Probably digging tunnels into Israel for the "cause" . I can tell you my children haven't been allowed out of the house , hardly out of the "safe room" for the past 2 weeks at least. Certainly not to play soccer on a beach . So let's be honest and not pretend to see what's really happening over there.

Since the ceasefire which they never kept they have been firing missiles 10 at a time and tried another infiltration via tunnel. All in one day of a 5 hour "humanitarian" ceasefire. Monsters don't know what humanitarian means. We just gave them 5 hours to pull themselves together to start anew.

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