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Herbal First Aid Course 2

Our Herbal First Aid course introduces herbal remedies to beginners and herbalists alike.  We take you through a 4 class course covering herbal remedies, hacks, tips, and recipes.  We are three herbalist mamas who have raised over 20 children between us, spanning three decades.  We have seen bumps, scrapes, bites, stings, falls, cuts, rashes, fevers, colds, bloody noses, motion sickness, dehydration and so much more.  Here we share our most trusted remedies with you so that you can be empowered to handle practically any emergency at home.  You will learn to recognize symptoms and make calm decisions to take care of your family when and where you are needed most: at home. 

Herbal First Aid 2 focuses on bites, burns, bruises and beyond and is available for purchase here (link coming soon). Course includes four (4) 90 minute lessons, complete with pdfs, recipe cards and demonstrations.  Herbal First Aid 2 builds on the skills gained from  Herbal First Aid 1

Herbal First Aid Course 2

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