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Updated: Dec 26, 2019

I have done many fasts and reboots over the last 20 years. But this has been my favorite by far. For one, you get to eat.. Secondly, I've noticed that during a juice or water fast, i felt great while on the fast,. But as soon as I finished the cleanse and began eating again, all of the troubles returned, weaker, but still there. With this reboot, I was eating correctly the entire month, so it taught me how to actually eat simply and correctly. When it was over, I felt that I had actually cleansed and emptied out and strengthened my liver so that when I began eating again, I didn't just return to my past state of health. I felt and looked better and now I had new skills that I could incorporate into my every day. I am posting some of my coaching entires hopefully to inspire you to give it a try.

"Drink Me" . Just like Alice, I was curious, so I drank. I became a healthier , version of myself. All of my ailments began to disappear , I got lots of energy and I began to sleep better. Berries, bananas, tumeric root, ginger root, pineapple, papaya, apple, cucumber, greens, coconut water, lemon juice, herbal tea.... the possibilities are endless and each one is a plethora of nutrition for the day. So, be like Alice and start the adventure!!!!Each cleanse is a detox of the body, mind and spirit. It might get emotional, just know that it's all a part of the process, Step back and just let it happen. Take time to rest when you can, and and spend some time sunbathing ( not burning) .

This is a cleanse that is not a hard core fast: such as only juice or water. Rather it's easier because you get to eat. Chewing is huge when it comes to making things easier or harder. So here we actually eat. Raw Fruits and veggies, fruits and veggies , fruits and veggies!!! The rest depends on you. Raw fruits and veggies only, is going to give you a deeper faster cleanse. If you add avocado, nuts, seeds, cooked veggies or coconut, you are still cleansing, but it slows things down because the fats have to be processed and broken down by the liver. You could eat fruits and veggies and only every once in awhile , like once a week, add an avocado or nuts to your dressing for your salad , as an example. You choose where you want to take this. The important part is that raw fruits and veggies are the menu for the next month or as long as you feel like going. If you feel like you've had enough after a week or 2 or whatever, do what you can. The longer, the better for you and for your liver. Mornings are best started with water with lemon then celery juice, or any veggie juice. Then fruit smoothie with green leaves of your choice, then salad, soup, more smoothie, herbal teas, water, infused water, snacks of apples and dates or frozen fruits ( can be blended with citrus juice or water to make "ice cream") .These are just examples of what to eat during the day. Keep it vegan and keep the vegan fats to a minimum , if at all. Sprouts , dulse or other seaweed, spices, garlic , ginger, tumeric ....mix it up, make it interesting and fun. Keep your attitude light and happy. This is not a punishment, it's a gift to your body. A reset/reboot to feel and look at least 10 years younger. Celery juice is the bonus to any cleanse. I have been drinking it every morning since December. It is an amazing cleanser and strengthener on a daily basis , but done with a cleanse together, it brought the cleanse to another level altogether. Highly recommended. My hair has never been thicker and healthier than it got this past month. My skin , teeth and nails also got super healthy. I received some shocking news and I was able to take it with grace and calm. I feel so balanced . Like no matter what comes I will be able to handle it let it slide over me like a warm bath.

We are cleaning out your liver and vinegar pickles it. Lemon juice is wonderful for your liver and it's a great replacement. Herbal teas, yes!!! There is no allowing or allowing. This is all about cleaning up your diet so that you only clean out and support your liver and your whole body. If you need vinegar or whatever it might be, just try your hardest to cut it out and replace it or cut down and replace with lemon whenever you can. It's always harder in the beginning, but as you support your liver more and more with fresh fruits and veggies, it will become easier and easier. That's why it's for 30 days. You need time to adjust This is not about denying, it's about opening up to new possibilities. The only way to do that is by making room and stepping out of your comfort zone for a little while. When we do this for ouselves, we grow stronger, healthier and more confident.

In every cleanse there is a turning point . The first couple of days your body is hanging on to reserves because it thinks maybe there is a shortage of food. But when it realizes your are cleansing on purpose it goes into detox mode. Yesterday I had a detox headache all day, but now it's gone and I've moved into a full body cleanse. This is when the fun begins . The liver will start pushing out toxins and everyrhing else follows suit. Energy will fade and then come back full force. The great thing about this cleanse is that if you feel overwhelmed with the detox process, you can slow it down a little by eating some avocado, cooked veggies, baked sweet potato or nuts and seeds. But if you're ready to go full out, just ride the wave . Either way, enjoy this time....We need to support eachother, post recipes, wins, struggles, answer questions and give encouragement. A month isn't a long time in the scheme of things. When we're not paying attention, it flies by almost without us noticing. But at the same time, it might seem like a long time and it might be easy to find ourselves off track. So it's really helpful if we could hold eachother accountable and keep the momentum going so we can all see the end and the results we want to see. Be patient with yourself. Below is an excerpt from my journal during my last 30 Day Reboot . My hope is that you will find some motivation in it to get yourself started....


I eat pretty close to this cleanse on a daily basis, but I already feel a difference. I've lost inches, I feel lighter, my brain seems a little more awake, I don't feel hungry and I noticed I am eating a lot less maybe because I don't feel the hunger pains or maybe because I feel more satisfied by the fruits that fulfill my nutritional needs. So far I am snacking on fruits and dates and cherry tomatoes and drinking smoothies, lemon water. It's all in your head. You just have to remind yourself that the difficulty is all made up in your imagination , find something to do or something appropriate to eat or drink and you get past it. I enjoy the challenge. I know it's more difficult for others, but we all have to have the same mindset: which is" I can do this "!

My "multivitamin" from our garden: Celery leaves, beets leaves, collard greens, broccoli and cauliflower leaves, carrot leaves, tumeric root, moringa leaves, wild lettuce, dandelion greens, and aloe vera. I use them in our smoothies and for making celery juice and other juices.

When I am out all day, I bring water and smoothie with me. If we out to eat and I order a salad with no olive oil, just lemon juice. I personally welcome the challenge. I know it's harder for some people, but keep your focus on the end goal and it will help you to stick with it.

I have been eating dried figs like crazy lately. There must be something in them my body needs. I think this last week was the most challenging so far in terms of me giving myself excuses to quit. It was a running loop in my head coming up with all kinds of reasons to quit. But I shushed my inner party pooper by telling her that it's all paying off and that this is my time to shine. I won't let anyone tell me any different. So I got through all that, and I really am enjoying it again now. I have dips in energy, I think they are healing crises where you get to a deeper level of detox. Then I come out with flying colors. My eyes are glowing, it is the first thing notice people notice about me, (I know this because of how many comments I've gotten this past week or two about my eyes) . I still get random pimples that come and go along my liver lines ( if anyone knows about accupressure/accupuncture) . I've gotten very good/ creative at coming up with oil/nut- free dressings for my salads . I feel at peace from the inside. I know I can tackle anything that comes my way with grace and a clear head. This has been really fun.I feel like everything is spinning really fast all around me. Chaos outside with me standing still in the middle. It doesn't affect me. It doesn't pull me into it's spin and my emotions and stress levels are even and stable. My energy is even all day and I hardly ever sit. This is the power of a cleanse when it's done right.

Day 5 : Part 1 . Nori sheets are my bread. I made a dipping sauce with onion, cilantro, garlic, zucchini, lemon juice and a tiny bit of avocado to make it creamy. This sauce will probably last me the rest of the month because I use very little each time. But it makes me feel like I'm eating a creamy sauce. I use it in my "sushi" and for dipping veggies.

Part 2. Symptoms: I have been getting random pimples in diiferent places and then they disappear. That's my liver pushing toxins and viruses out through my skin. Good riddance! (Sorry if you didn't want to hear that, but this is what this cleanse is all about and we need to share so we can know what to expect . This cleanse is not a pure juice / water fast, the fruit and veggies have lots of fiber in them so digestion should continue normally ( or improve) , but if you feel that things are not moving like they should be, try a home enema or schedule a colonics session. The celery juice is an awesome way to keep things flowing.

Week 2 almost done!! I lost inches the first week, but now I've leveled out. Had low energy over the weekend, but that's straightened out too. Feeling no hunger, my eyes are clear and bright and no cravings for any of the meals I am preparing for the family. Just riding the wave and enjoying the adventure. This is why Joe Cross calls it a Reboot. It's just getting back to nature's foods and getting your body and mind to a place where they remember what it's like to survive and thrive on the bare essentails. It uses this food as medicine to repair, detox, and rejuvenate cells, tissues and organs. This is our time to make it happen!!!!! Whoohoo!!

I am heading into week 3 . Half way there. I have officially hit the "bored phase" . This is when the novelty wears off and I get a little tired of eating raw fruits and veggies all the time. But I knew it was coming, so I know I have to step up my meals a little. Meaning I have to get a bit more creative in the preparation. Maybe to start using dehydrated veggies , warmed soups, and zucchini noodles. I made it very simple up until now. I just grabbed some cherry tomatoes , a peach, a juice / smoothie or some dates. Simple, easy, filling. Now I've got to put some more thought into it so that I don't get myself into a funk of not wanting to complete the cleanse. So, here's to keeping it creative, fun and conclusive.... I hope you are still feeling motivated . We're almost there..

This last leg is the most important. The last month has been preparing us for this last week. I have seen so many changes , especially these last two weeks. We are killing off viruses and healing gently and powerfully. For a while I noticed my eyesight weakening, but I know that things like this can happen. It's part of the healing . So I stuck with it. What happens while you start killing off viruses and healing areas that they have invaded, is that they see things are not headed in a direction that's beneficial for them so they strengthen in a chosen area ( for example, my eyes). But when you continue despite a healing crisis, and you get to the other side, you have killed off the viruses. Even those bugs who thought they were invincible. So now my eyesight is back and very clear . You just have to trust the process and not back down with fear. Our bodies are tremendously capable of healing themselves. We just have to give them the right tools to do so. There were other body systems that went through major rehabilitation as well, I won't get into that here . Just know that this reboot is an amazing way to get back on track every once in awhile . Maybe 2-3 times a year. There are many different cleanses to do. Find one that resonates with you and make sure you are doing it correctly.

I hope you will consider joining me on the next Reboot: September 2019. See you there!

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