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Israel Has Been Souled Out

Someone pointed out the other day that the "vaca" in vaccines is from the word "cow". The money made from them is gold in the hands of a few corrupt evil people. The same idea as the "golden calf" from the Torah. The people sold their soul for a golden idol.

The ingredients in the vaccines are against every "kosher" law . Aborted baby cells, harmful chemicals, mRNA to change our DNA, and lead us farther from our soul and closer to machine. This vaccine (as well as all the others) is making some people very rich.

We are being lied to and led to believe that this vaccine will make us healthy and happy to return to the way things were. We are led to believe that this vaccine is for our good, yet people are getting injured and dying from it. We are told that this is just part of the process and to continue lining up for the "savior" .

They will continue to rake in their gold and we in turn receive empty promises. When the vaccine fails, those who did not accept the "golden cow' as their new god will be vilified for causing the outbreaks, leading to more lockdowns and restrictions. These brainwashed people will naturally turn on those who don't vaccinate and will become "police" , turning in their neighbors, sending them to "camps" and possibly becoming violent against them. Just as has happened up until now with the masks.

This "virus" has not been isolated and proven to cause death or even symptoms. Every scientist who have taken a dive into the details of the "virus' have found nothing but a computer programmed module .

So why is practically every government in the world dictating mandates, laws, lockdowns, masks, vaccinations etc based on nothing? Israel had a chance as a "light unto the nations" to ask the right questions, set up the right committees, use common sense, open up the science, and follow God's laws. We are here to fulfil our purpose, to spread light and truth and God's word. However, our government chose to follow the flock, rather than to lead.

Our already socialist country has been nudged over to communism almost overnight. Our rights have been taken away gradually, our freedoms, our religion , our traditions and our individuality both as people and as a Jewish Nation. Our lying corrupt media, scientists, doctors, journalists, government ministers, are pushing their secular agenda on the entire country. They have always pushed for a secular state with no particular Jewish identity. Now they are exercising their power over us and forcing us into a secular, Godless state.

We have sadly followed the flock going along with the mainstream, even though science, our hearts and our intuition tells us to do different. We have been "souled out" . We no longer use common sense, basic science skills or God's word. We now worship the mask, the lockdown and the vaccine as our new master.

Personally, I saw there was something fishy going on from the beginning. But once the masks became the new norm, I was convinced that people were under some spell, in some kind of trance. I refused to wear the mask and have been kicked out of many places for not wearing one. I have undergone the proverbial "brit mila" and had my extra flap removed. I am now Jewish and live by God's rules alone. Perhaps it's time the entire nation of Israel do the same? Return to God, return to our purpose and to shine our light for everyone to see God's truth.

Our government , our doctors, scientists, rabbis leaders and citizens are following along in this trance as many did in the Holocaust until it was too late. Why are we repeating history? There is evil in the world raising it's head once again. It is our job to chase it out with prayer, tshuva, and looking to God for answers. God is in the truth, it's that simple. Nothing about masks, vaccines or following government orders that cause harm to it's own citizens is true. It goes against all of our principles of work hard, provide for your family to give security and independence and live a life of truth.

Not quite 80 years after the Holocaust , we are allowing governments to experiment on misinformed citizens to advance their own (or someone else's) agendas. We are once again slipping into communism , mass genocide, censorship and loss of freedoms. Leaders of the past also did their best to do away with religious freedoms. Jews were forced to hide , convert, be killed or imprisoned, and abandon their country of birth over and over again throughout history.

This time around there is no where else to go. We either stand up and fight for our right to live as God-fearing free citizens or we die spiritually. Our leaders have failed us, our doctors forewent their oaths as healers, and our nation has fallen under an evil spell. We must wake up from this trance in order to embrace our Jewish spirit , fight off the evil and bring the world back into balance.

Jews have lost their soul in the past, they have been forced out of their homeland in the past, they have mistakenly served idols and turned away from God. We are once again heading into those dangerous waters, but we cannot afford to. We must awaken, fight and return to our soulful mission that was granted to us by God.

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