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Elimination Brings Illumination

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

I've been working a lot lately on promoting internal cleansing. So many problems on the outside are linked to problems on the inside. Our bodies are designed so that we can't see what's happening in our depths, but the symptoms do show up out where it's visable: skin, tumors, gas, aches, pains, nails, tongue, eyes, etc. The way our colon is built, is that it's connected to every part of our body. When some dis-ease shows up we can pin point it to a spot in the colon . With colon cleansing we can release the blockage from that point (and many others( to allow the dis-ease to be released, then stimulated and eliminated. Poor diet, lack of excersice , stress and mental negetivity all contribute to our sluggish digestive systems . An occasional gentle cleansing of the colon can refresh and revitalize our otherwise forgotten plumbing system.  Water is a purifying medium with which to wash out old matter and bring in new fresh energy.

With this new feeling of cleanliness comes a newfound vigor, clarity and posivity. Sometimes it comes with a flash of light, sometimes it's more subtle and the transformation happens over a longer period of time. Either way, it is something we can all benefit from. Once true elimination begins we are released from our old shells to begin anew. We are given a chance to rid ourselves of the old bad habits, unhealthy choices, self pity, and overall negative attitude towards ourselves.

If you can think of cleaning out the closet or the refrigerator. Getting rid of old junk that no longer serves us. When we throw out old things, we feel lighter, less attached to the past and things that weigh us down. Less clutter, less dirt less crap. We get that same feeling when we empty out our colon and all the old things we were unknowingly collecting in there .

This is the opportunity to start again . It's like being reborn. Forgive ourselves for our past mistakes and feel good about who we are. RELEASE. The only place to go from here is up. Colonics are part of a protocol : Juicing, eating real whole food , excercise, inspiration. When put these together to create our daily mantra, we can soar to new heights. To know true health is something we are all looking for and it's something we can all attain.

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