A Call To Action עד כאן ( No More)

Enough is enough. I've had it with this current system . I've had enough of watching my country and the world fall into a Holocaust like nightmare. I've had enough of watching them make a mockery of the human race and of what humanity really is. We are slowly being turned into slaves, we are being muzzled and made to wear a diaper on our faces. I've had enough of the media's lies and all those in the public eye going along with the communist agenda.

They made this about a virus , but this is all about control and some New World Order they have dreamt up for the rest of us. There is no virus to be afraid of. There is no virus killing us (Please check into any Health Ministry's website worldwide and find the numbers of deaths. )

I am no longer allowed to buy food because I refuse to wear a mask. My kids are no longer allowed to go to school because we won't wear masks and I won't all them to be poisoned with vaccines.

We are locked in our homes unable to work and make a living to feed our families. Our soldiers are locked in their bases waiting to be experimented on with new Israeli AI technology. I am no longer proud to be Israeli. Until now. עד כאן

I have been blogging for 7 months and screaming about the injustices we are allowing to happen to us by our government. But now I'm taking names and taking action.

We need to combine all the protest groups (not those who oppose Bibi at every turn. This is not political, this is solely about freedom): anti 5g groups, vaccine choice groups , health freedom groups, etc. to come together under one banner. We have been too divided and are unable to make headway, meanwhile our country (our world) is falling and we and our children are losing our freedoms.

I have been inspired by many other similar people drawing their line in the sand and making a commitment to do what they can when they can with those who are feeling the same way. So this is a Call to Action .. We need all hands on deck to turn this ship around and return to safe shores. We commit to "out" those responsible for this madness in our own country and bring them to justice on a local level.

Grassroots is the only way we can beat this. Our leaders are gone , they have abandoned us, so it's up to us to make the change. We need to work together , organize and volunteer our time and energy however we can. Together we have power. Together we are strong . Together we are the masses, the 99% vs the 1% making the decisions. This can be turned around. We voted them in, they need to work for us, not against us.

We need moms, lawyers, doctors, nurses, dads, business owners, employees, scientists, professionals, webpage designers, activists, organizers, fact collectors, interviewers, graphic designers, teachers, etc etc. Anyone willing to fight and create change from the bottom up.

We are non-partisan, non-violent , committed to using the law to reverse the tyranny we have been held under. We have no political agenda. We do not stand for one group or another. We stand for freedom and that requires the culmination and combination of all Israeli citizens. We are Israeli and we are patriotic to this nation and everyone who lives in it. We care about our children. We care about humanity. This is called "civil disobedience" . We are allowed by law to right the wrongs of our government, leaders and public health servants who follow along blindly) who has made life here unbearable and unfit to live in peace and prosperity, with joy, liberty and under a democratic government.

It is time to leverage our power. Love, science and God are on our side of right vs wrong.

Sign up to be part of the movement before time runs out .

Pass this on to everyone and anyone.

I can post and answer emails here until we get up and running. I will continue to share here as well as on, and others....עד-כאן-a-call-to-action

(Hebrew coming soon.)

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