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Back to the garden

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

We've got to get ourselves back to the literal, physical, spiritual, practical and hypothetical garden.

We've lost touch with ourselves, with our world. We've lost the art of living that used to be such an integral part of life. Hardly anyone remembers what it was like to make our own homemade anything anymore. Apple cider vinegar, cured olives, saurkrauts and pickleed vegetables, fermented yogurts, homemade blankets, clothes, gifts, etc have become a thing of the past. But I feel we drifted so far from our roots, that we are swinging back on the pendulum. We are on our way to finding ourselves again. Sometimes we need inspiration and/or guidance to step away from the convinient habit of buying everything and try these age old traditions at home.

Having a garden is one of the greatest gifts you could give your family. I believe every child should know how to grow his/her own food and that it should be taught in every home and every school. Once every family had a garden where they grew their own food and raised a few chickens or llivestock. It was the norm and people were more normal back then. Children took part in planting and harvesting. They were connected to the earth and cared about it. They had a place in the family, they had chores and people expected things from them to keep the family going. Nowadays it seems children and adults are lost. They're not sure what they're here for. They're not sure what to do with themselves. Most of the time they're glued to the lastest technology and they don't even notice the world around them.

Planting a garden gets families back outside together. It gives everyone a chance to reconnect to eachother and to the earth. It's fun to play in the dirt , but more importantly to grow your own food. Children need to learn and see and take part in making their food grow. To know it doesn't come from a store, but that someone grew it . To learn the wisdom of a seed and how it can hold future meals inside of it. Our food and the varieties of it is getting scare. The price of "health food" is going up and up but the quality of it is going down. The only way to solve this is to grow/raise our own food. It fits the budget, helps the earth and cures humanity's dis-eases. Joni Mitchell had it right with her song for Woodstock , "We've got to get ourselves back to the garden".

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