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Politics as Usual

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

As soon as the war ended we returned to our staus quo. All the unity we had during the war was immediately forgotten. Bibi's government called for an investigation into how he ran the war, the others started calling for elections. Religious vs secular. Left vs right. Arabs vs Jews. The post office started a strike the moment the war ended. They strike more than they work. Egypt is threatening Israel and demanding they be given back all the wealth we took with us when we left Egypt about 3,000 years ago.

Arab workers were sent down here to build "bomb rooms" so we have somewhere to run when the missiles start pouring down on us again. The defense department signed a contract with a Jewish contractor who then gave it to an Arab sub-contractor from the north who then gave the deal over to another Arab sub-contractor from the south who brought a whole team of Arabs that have no clue what they are doing to build our "bomb rooms". But there's no one to talk to when we see the job isn't being done properly. We got a message saying to lock our houses, keep an eye on our children and hide anything we don't want stolen because these workers have been roaming freely around people's properties and taking whatever they chose.They see where things are stored so that they can come back (or send others) to steal later. They drive their trucks and tractors through anything paying no to attention to lawns, bushes or sewage/water/electricity lines. So everything is a mess around here and we've got no one to talk to because of all the sub-contracting. But the people in the defense ministry give themselves a pat on the back for having have done their jobs. Egypt offered to give all of the Sinai Peninsula to the "Palestinians" to make their country. The would move everyone over from the "West Bank" and join them to Gaza. They would have an enormous place to fill with their "refugees" and start building their paradise they so desire. But without even giving it a second thought, they turned the offer down . That would have solved their problems and they would have no more reasons to blow us up. But they must continue the "struggle" so they turned away their dream and a perfectly good offer so that they can continue blowing us up. The US and the UN, are too busy with Iran now to bother themselves with our problems. Unfortunately, we have a weak government who won't take a stand against all those calling for our destruction. We've already had a terrorist infiltration from Gaza and quite a few rockets already launched over here in the past few days. The IDF claims some were false alarms (yeah , right) and the others Hamas claims were launched from rebels who were punished for breaking the cease-fire ( yeah, right). This is the way each and every war starts. They continue to push the envelope and we continue to do nothing until the missiles can't be ignored anymore. It's the same cycle over and over that has been going on for years and years and for some reason the government is perfectly happy to keep it that way. We're going into our month of holidays starting next week. Hamas and Jihadists the world over have been threatening to blow us up in celebration . At least it's nice to know they pay attention to our calendar and our holidays.

I've traveled around the world to many different countries. Each country has it's own street signs , road maps, and billboards in it's own national language. America, Canada and England's are in English. Italy's is in Italian. Germany's is in German. But here in Israel we've got Hebrew, Arabic and English on every sign, every school book, every menu. Why? Why are we always trying so hard to make everyone happy? We need to be proud to be Jewish and stop pretending that Hebrew is not our official language. Inside Arab towns in Israel however, everything is in Arabic only. It's like stepping into another Arab country. Which is their whole point, to make us feel uncomfortable and unwelcome.

A move that must be made in Israel is to make a law requiring citizens to pledge allegiance to Israel. Whoever doesn't , should lose their voting rights. There are too many Arabs running around calling themselves "Palestinian" calling for the destruction of Israel even though they live in Israel, have Israeli citizenship and all the freedoms that entails. There are Arab members in the government who protest against Israel all the time and call themselves "Palestinians". They are not representing Arab people living in Israel, they are using their post to further their goal of making Israel into "Palestine". They are not shy. They yell it for all the world to hear. They provoke violence by Arabs against it's Jewish citizens. They are at the front of every anti-Israel movement, illegal ships carrying weapons to Gaza, and violent anti-Israel protests.

As their numbers increase and Jews become a minority, they will soon have more and more power in the government until they have enough votes to vote in an Arab "Palestinian" to be Prime Minister. All he has to do with his majority is make his Arab "Palestinian" cabinet, new laws according to their Muslim Jihad faith (Shar'ia), and make a call for a "Palestinian" state. That would be the death of Israel. By putting forth this new law, we could ensure that anyone calling for the destruction of Israel inside of Israel, would lose their voting rights and therefore keep the Jewish majority in the government.

Even when the news isn't covering our "wars", there is still a war being raged here everyday. The Arabs and the Left are always calling for the destruction of the Jewish state. This must never be allowed to happen . This is the only place the Jewish people can call home. We must do everything we can to keep it that way.

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