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 the festival looks amazing. Wow you are an inspiration. Thank you so much for letting me know about it!   Chaya Jacobson

Amazing! your site is like a candy store for me. Really I get more excited in a bead-shop then a candy store but you get the point just amazing so much good work, so many amazing people, love it!   Shoshanna Jenn Lubin

Your flat bread recipe is a revelation!  Jrivka

I'll wait until Chanukah! I really wanted to hear Tali Shneider!


thanks so much for coordinating...super inspiring! chaya jacobson

A lovely idea that I hope you will continue- Hen

Thank you so much for putting together this beautiful idea of the Festival. Loving it! 


I was able to find time yesterday to watch several videos but haven't yet gotten through today's line up. 


Curious why you have to take down the videos:-( would love to watch more of them but often it's hard to find the time in one sitting.


All the best!

Chaya Jacobson

What an amazing line up! Thanks for doing this        Loren Minsky

Shame Chava that the videos are not available longer. I do feel that one day isn't enough. Otherwise great job & fantastic idea!    Bridgette Sherman

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