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     Let This be Your

       Turning Point 


   2 Day Reboot              Retreat

My name is Chava . I am a mother of 6 boys and I am a certified colonic hydrotherapist and a health coach with a degree in psychology. After my second son was born with many health problems I decided to make many changes in the family's diet and saw the amazing effect it had on everyone. I wrote the book, "Mother's Pearls: The Revival of Parenthood" to teach people what I learned from the experience.  Among the many teachers I have learned with Shoshanna Harrari, Tamar Tsuberi and Dr. Jensen for iridology and colon cleansing . I also have many years experience learning , living and raising my children in the healthy living lifestyle. I also have a BA in Psychology and I served in Peace Corps Sri Lanka.

Being a native English speaker living in Israel, I love to learn and play with Hebrew words. Naor is my one of my favorite such words. It's a short little word that packs a punch,  and it's a fun one to dissect. "Na" in Hebrew means "raw" as in raw foods. The best kind. But raw can also mean the bare bones, true, simple, pure . "Or" means "light". It's being able to see things for what they really are. "Naor" means enlightenment , illumination, godliness, insight.  For me , this word says it all. It's inspiration, it's what we're all looking for.  It's holiness and wholeness. It's being one with ourselves and the universe. It's the ultimate health: physical, spiritual, and mental.  

When I think of healing, I think of the body as one organism. Everything is interconnected. We may have symptoms in a specific area, but it is coming from a deeper place. If we work on the body as a whole, we can get to the root of the problem, by bringing the entire body into balance. 

I live on a biodynamic farm in the southwestern Negev desert in Israel.  Our farm is a place of healing, peace and growth. We have orchards, livestock and gardens to grow our food and provide us with many projects.  When I'm not busy hanging out with my kids, I am tending to the farm and guiding people in improving their diets and lifestyles. For me it all ties together: family , farm and health. I use my farm to help people as well as to keep my own family healthy. We grow many fruits, vegetables and herbs on our property: Food as medicine. I have 25 years experience of farming and healthy living ,raising my kids and practicing what I believe in. I have always been a teacher: aerobics, gymnastics and dance instructor, health coach and homeschooling mom to my 6 boys.  I have helped people lose weight, gain confidence, learn healthy habits, and reverse disease. My life experience , enthusiasm and desire to help led me to  my passion to work with people to uncover their true potential.

We are accepting bookings for the fall season for our private Reboot Retreat on our organic farm in the Negev . Take two days out of your week to reset your system. We will spend your time wisely with creative, fun, inspirational ways to get you on your way . 
  Kickstart your year and spark desire for looking and feeling your very best. The Reboot Retreat takes place on our organic farm in the Negev Desert. Quiet, peaceful, restorative. In our natural farm setting you will be surrounded by wild flowers and medicinal herbs and you will learn information and skills for radiant beauty, energy, weight loss, how to prepare healthy meals , outdoor activities and much more. 

 Yoga, meal preparation, relaxation, seclusion, stress free, quiet, Israeli desert energy, This time can be used as a gift for a new mom, a girls getaway, bat mitzva gift, couples retreat, mom/daughter trip, detox retreat, a learning experience or just a relaxing ,healthy time-out. Whatever you want to make of  this, we're here to make it your special transformative time.  

 If you are planning a trip to Israel from outside the country, make sure to book a couple of days off the beaten path with us to make your trip to Israel an unforgettable one..   

We can customise your day and your meals or (juicing plan ) depending on your plans at the retreat. (Optional colonics session for an additional cost for those who are eligible) We are having an early bird special 50$ off for signing up now. Available for 1-2 people every Monday-Tuesday , November-June. 


    Find Your Way, By           Following Your Feat

            COLONIC                  HYDROTHERAPY

       Elimination brings               Illumination

I decided to become a colonic hydrotherapist after having a colonic myself. I felt amazing and I saw the effects it had on other people. Skin disorders clear up, gas and bloating go away and so much more.  Healing, clarity of mind and spirit begin.

Everything is connected to the intestines. It can be said that all our problems begin with an unhealthy colon. Everyone wants to be healthy, and it's hard in this  toxic world, but if we are mindful of eliminating toxins from our body through healthy eating, occasional fasting, excercise, drinking enough good water and creating a clean environment around us as much as possible, then being healthy and feeling good will come easy.  Colonics are an important addition to this lifestyle.

Most people tend to be dehydrated. That means we just aren't getting enough water throughout the day.  The water we drink begins in our mouth and is given to the body along the way and by the time it arrives in the large colon at the end of the line, there isn't enough left. So elimination becomes sluggish which results in constipation and a plaque begins to  build up on the walls of the intestine. This then leads to bad digestion and poor absorption and it just gets worse from there. A colonic puts water directly into the colon first and helps to wash away the  build up and assists the sluggish colon to return to it's former healthy self.

 Also, if the foods we eat are not mostly fresh unprocessed foods,  they will reek havok on our digestive system and begin to accumulate rather than be eliminated causing the above intestinal problems. When we begin with water in the colon we help to wash out this build up of trash sitting inside our intestines causing gas , bloating and discomfort. Once we assist the colon to work properly, it will begin to do the rest on it's own. During a colonic session, you will receive professional care and attention. I meet with clients in my clinic to discuss nutrition and meal planning, as well as what to expect and how to take care of yourself after having a colonic.


Why take  a break and step away from foods? Are they harming us in some way? Aren't we meant to eat? We have teeth and stomach acid to help break down our foods we eat, right?  So what's the point of fasting? Our bodies are simply overloaded. Toxins in our air, water and food, stress , pollution, fats... The list goes on and on. Our bodies are detoxing all the time, but the more bad that goes in, knowingly or unknowingly, causes the scales to tip and we are unable to keep up with the clean-out.  As waste is waiting to be filtered through the liver and moved down out of the colon, it ends up getting backed up and stored in our cells organs, tissues and colon.   

Fasting gives your body a rest. Gives it a break to rejuvenate, replace, fix, detox, and rebuild. Stem cells are made, old sick cells (including cancer cells) are eaten up, autophagy occurs. We lose weight, we look younger , we feel younger, have more energy  and are able to appreciate life, light, and food so much more. We learn to trust in our bodies and in our creator to know that we really don't need much to survive and thrive.  We are over eating, over stressing, and not moving our bodies enough.  We need to learn to balance. Without balance, we've tipped the scales to one side. Everything becomes out of wack and the symptoms of dis-ease begin.  Everything in nature works in harmony when there is balance, when there isn't balance and the scales have tipped to one side there is confusion and disturbance. The same goes for our body, mind and spirit.    We need to learn to eat as well as fast, work hard as well as rest, use technology, but also step away from it and connect with nature. 

Fasting isn't scary, it isn't harmful. It's just something to get used to. It's like a muscle that we need to flex and use in order to get stronger and better at it. The more we practice , the easier it becomes and the better you will see and feel the results. Our bodies are complex and deep. It takes time to get to the bottom of dis-ease or symptoms we may be dealing with. Give you body time, patience and kindness. The dis-ease didn't get there overnight and it won't disappear overnight., but fasting speeds up the healing process and kicks it into high gear. So the more you do it the better you'll feel. However, it needs to be done correctly so that you get the best results, you learn to listen to your body, the messages it's giving you and what it's asking for. In the beginning it's best done with supervision.

There are many techniques to fasting that you can find out about. Water fasting, fruit fasting, juice fasting, intermittent fasting,  raw foods, block fasting, broth fasting etc .etc.  You have to try for yourself and see what works best for you at this moment. Our bodies change and so do their needs.  We can work one-on-one or as a  group . The important thing is accountability, purpose and fun.


Feat. Yes, you read that right. I choose to use the word "feat" instead of "feet" because it's what we're talking about here. Don't get me wrong, we're also talking about feet, but to be more specific and get you up out of that proverbial chair I have chosen to say it this way: We all feel lost. So many of us know we were meant to do something special, but we haven't found that zing. We feel overwhelmed, confused, out of time, lost and constantly searching without direction. I want you to find your way and find it now. To feel your power, harness it and use it for your true purpose. We've got a magical world inside of us and we sometimes need a little steering to pick up on, pay attention to and trust in our own selves and what we know is right even when it might seem crazy or not make sense to those around us .It's called intuition and I'd like you to get to know yours. But what does this all have to  do with your feat? 

        Let me take a minute to define the word "feat" , so that we're all standing on the same page, so to speak.  The Webster dictionary uses the definitions : achievement, courage, skill, novel, out-of-the-ordinary, amazing, unusual and accomplishment. We use the word when we see characteristics of surprise, control, effort, and bravery.  Each of us is born with God given strengths and a destiny to fulfill. Through conditioning or circumstance, we were taught or lead to believe that these values were worthless or that our inherent gifts weren't useful or extraordinary.  This is where we got lost, off track or completely turned away from our abilities. We were made to believe that we weren't special or talented or gifted in anyway. But YOU ARE. This is how you will find your way: By following your feat. What are you good at? What do you love? What gets you excited? What do you always have time for (or at least to dream about)?  That's right . You know the answer. Don't be afraid to say it out loud. Sometimes we hear it loud and clear. But sometimes it takes awhile to really hear the answer. It might be buried deep inside you , under all the noise. But if we take the time, make the effort, sit with ourselves and listen, we will eventually hear that voice. As you begin to listen and learn more, eat better and move, the voice will get louder and stronger and it will lead you to your truth. It's about letting your heart lead you and not being afraid to step into the void. Whether it's fear, trauma, lack of self confidence or a creativity blockage,  I'm here to help you, to support you. 

 I  coach people via telephone, Skype or whatsapp with coaching calls. Each coaching session lasts about an hour. I focus on a  wholistic approach to health and we will talk about your past and present, lifestyle, eating habits, and dive into your whole person to try to get a picture of the root cause of the problem or problems you many be having in order to help you treat and cure so that you can return to yourself and your full potential . We will discuss how to best help you through self exploration, supplementation, herbs and lifestyle changes. I can support you in making difficult changes , kitchen makeovers, introduction to healthy foods, exercise, energy levels,  meditation, stress reduction , mirror work, mood and sleep improvement , weight loss and more.

Sometimes we need help, support, advice, new ideas and knowing we can put our trust in a person we know has both the experience we need as well as the care required to help us through some tough spots.  We will work on your mind, body and spirt to lift you up and feel not just good about yourself, but great.  

 Feel free to contact me . I'd love to hear from you,  to support you, and to help you achieve your health goals! 

​I work with people on many levels because that's where real  health lies. We work on food and nutrition , your relationship to it, stress, exercise,  beliefs, your history,  resistance and emotional  state. We'll dig deep to unleash the real you , the healthy ,beautiful , vivacious you. We'll find your superpower , (your feat) which will lead you to your path, (your way)  . Feel what it feels like to be free, happy, strong, independent and beautiful.  



 I hold classes for adults and children on healthy eating, how to stock your kitchen and food preparation as well as discussing the digestive system, how it works and why it's important to eat right. I also  coach people on  fasting, what it does for you and how to do it properly. 

If you would like Chava to come to your area for a talk, please contact us to schedule a day . 

 Health and nutrition lectures, videos, juice fasts,  juicing, green drinks, detoxing, keeping a healthy household while on a budget, fermenting and healthy meal recipies ,gardening, herbs and much more.  Children are welcome! RSVP/questions/details call or email  Chava .

For information regarding our sustainable arts,  crafts and organically grown medicinal herbs from our farm , please see our website store 

קולניק הידרותרפיה

הכול מחובר למעי. אפשר לומר שכל הבעיות שלנו מתחילות עם מעי גס לא בריא. כל אחד רוצה להיות בריא, וזה קשה בעולם רעיל, אבל אם אנחנו מודעים לרעלים אנו יכולים לנקז אותם מהגוף שלנו באמצעות אכילה בריאה, לצום מדי פעם, פעילות גופנית, לשתות מספיק מים ויצירת סביבה נקייה סביבנו ככל האפשר, ואז הבריאות וההרגשה הטובה תבוא בקלות. קולוניק הוא תוספת חשובה לאורח חיים זה.


רוב האנשים נוטים להיות מיובשים. זה אומר שאנחנו פשוט לא מקבלים מספיק מים במהלך היום. המים שאנו שותים מתחילים בפה שלנו, נספג בגוף לאורך הדרך ועד שהוא מגיע למעי הגס הגדול בסוף השורה, לא נשאר מספיק. לכן תהליך הוצאת הצואה הופך איטי, כיוון שאין מספיק נוזלים הוא נהיה דביק ומתחיל להצטבר על הקירות של המעי. זה מוביל לבעיות עיכול, ספיגה לקויה וזה רק הולך ונהיה גרוע יותר. בטיפול הקולוניק מכניסים מים ישירות לתוך המעי הגס הראשון ומסייעים לשטוף את ההצטברות ועוזרים למעי הגס האיטי לחזור לעצמו הבריא.


כמו כן, אם המזונות שאנו אוכלים הם לא בעיקר מזון טרי ולא מעובד, הם עלולים להשפיע על מערכת העיכול שלנו. ולהתחיל להצטבר ולא להתרוקן, מה שגורם לבעיות מעיים לעיל. כאשר אנו מתחילים עם מים במעי הגס אנו עוזרים לשטוף את הצטברות זו של אשפה היושבת בתוך המעיים שלנו וגורם לגזים, נפיחות ואי נוחות. ברגע שאנו נסייע למעיים לעבוד כמו שצריך, הוא יתחיל לעשות את השאר לבד.


בתור דוברת אנגלית כשפת אם, אני אוהבת ללמוד ולשחק עם מילים עבריות. כגון "נאור", אחת המילים האהובות עלי. זאת מילה קצרה אך אם הרבה משמעות. אני אוהבת משחק מילים וזו אחת שכיף לנתח. "Na" בעברית פירושו "נע" כמו מזון חי. הסוג הטוב ביותר. אבל ה"נע" יכול גם להתכוון לעצמות חשופות, נכון, פשוט, טהור. "אור" פירושו "אור". זה להיות מסוגל לראות את הדברים כפי שהם באמת. "נאור" פירושו הארה, תאורה, אלוהות, תובנה. בשבילי, מילה זו אומרת הכול. זה השראה, זה מה שכולנו מחפשים. זה קדוש ושלם. זה להיות אחד עם עצמנו ועם היקום. זה הבריאות האולטימטיבית: פיזי, רוחני, נפשי.


כשאני חושבת על ריפוי, אני חושבת על הגוף כמו אורגניזם אחד. הכול ביניהם. אנו עשויים לסבול מסימפטומים בתחום מסוים, אבל זה בא ממקום עמוק יותר. אם נעבוד על הגוף בכללותו, אנחנו יכולים להגיע אל שורש הבעיה, על ידי הבאת הגוף לאיזון.


במהלך הקולוניק, תקבלו טיפול ותשומת לב מקצועי. אני נפגשת עם הלקוחות במרפאה שלי כדי לדון על תזונה, תכנון ארוחות, כמו כן למה לצפות וכיצד לטפל בעצמך לאחר הטיפול.


אני עושה לימודים למבוגרים ולילדים על אכילה בריאה, לסחיטת מיצים והכנת מזון. בנוסף שיעור מפורט על מערכת העיכול, איך זה עובד? ולמה זה חשוב לאכול נכון. אני גם לדון ולאמן אנשים על צום מיץ, למה זה חשוב ואיך לעשות את זה.


תרגישו חופשי ליצור איתי קשר . אשמח לשמוע מכם !

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